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Tekamar: A mortgage investment corporation (MIC) focused on providing reasonable lending guidelines for a complicated world.

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If it makes sense, let's get the money out and lend on it. We're not a bank, we're a MIC. These are the deals we do.

Richard Smith, CEO at Tekamar

Trying to be Unbank-like

Tekamar is a mortgage investment corporation with a focus towards lending on equity mortgages in areas other MICs/Lenders won't go. After over 40 years of being based in the beautiful small town of Salmon Arm in the Interior of BC, lending in towns with only one traffic light doesn't scare us.

We look at every deal with two simple questions: "Is there enough equity to cover the risk, and is there an exit strategy so we don't need to worry too much about the first question." If the answer to both is yes, we look for ways to say yes to the deal.

Have a construction mortgage in the Kootenays? Self employed contractor moving to a new town looking to purchase with a decent sized down payment? Bruised credit with lots of payments but lots of equity looking to roll everything into one payment? These are all deals we'll happily look at.

Tekamar is my go-to MIC for B deals. They're easy to work with and if a deal makes sense, they do it. Quick turn around and great service make this a no-brainer.

DLC Broker

Dealing with Tekamar to borrow money has been easy. The guys there have a pretty no-nonsense approach to making decisions and are flexible in making sure the deal goes through. No extra fees or surprises either, which is great.

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Flexible borrowing when it matters.

A lender with a can-do attitude

Rural and BC Interior Lending

Being based in small-town BC makes us comfortable lending in towns like ours. We're not afraid of lending in towns that don't have a Tim Horton's.

No Surprise Fees

We price on risk to determine our APR. We think that's enough. We're not into charging you or your clients massive renewal fees, or any renewal fees for that matter.

A Quick Yes (or no)

You're busy, we're busy and delays making decisions are a pain for everyone. We aim to let you know if it's a good fit in under for 1 day business turnaround, and really like to get under 4 hours.

Interested in Land

If it's a loan secured by land, and in the areas we lend, we're interested. Construction mortgages, bare land, rentals, commercial, or even middle-of-nowhere cabins, we'll look at it.