A picture of the Village of Belcarra.


Lending guidelines for Belcarra, British Columbia

Our Maximum Loan To Value
Not Lending Here
2021 Population
Land Area
5.5 KmĀ²
2016 > 2021 Growth

Welcome to Belcarra, a beautiful municipality located in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. With a population of just 687 people, Belcarra is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet and relaxing lifestyle. The small community has not seen substantial growth like other suburbs of Vancouver because of the lack of available and useable land and a relatively hard to access area. The community is also only zoned for single family dwellings. Nestled in amongst 5.5 square kilometers of stunning natural scenery, Belcarra is a true nature lover's paradise. Thousands of years ago the area was traditional camping grounds for the Tsleil-Waututh First Nations, which is whose territory the town is on. Between 1858 and 1864 the villages population was abandoned due to smallpox spreading like wildfire. The deeding of the land has a surprising story involving a murder case and the land being gifted to the defendants lawyer. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, or simply taking in the scenery, Belcarra has something for everyone. Come and experience all that Belcarra has to offer!

Unfortunately, Belcarra is not in our lending areas and Tekamar Mortgage Fund Ltd will not lend here