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Lending guidelines for Enderby, British Columbia

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2021 Population
Land Area
4.26 KmĀ²
2016 > 2021 Growth

Enderby is a charming community located in the North Okanagan region of British Columbia. With a population of just over 3000, it's the perfect size for those looking for a slower paced lifestyle. The town is situated on the banks of the Shuswap River and is surrounded by beautiful forestry. Towering over the town stands the mighty Enderby Cliffs. A very popular out and back hike that gives beautiful views of the Okanagan Valley and the meandering Shuswap River. The area was first named , Fortune's Landing after the first landowner had settled in the area. In 1887, a post office was established and at the same time, the town committee came together after a big flood. One of the members read out the poem "The High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire" and this is where Enderby derived from. Along the banks of the river you will find many farmer raising beef, dairy and poultry. One of the popular places to hang in the summer is Paddle Wheel Park, a soft sandy beach on the bank of the Shuswap River. Often a stopping place for people who float down the calm river on floaties and paddleboards. Enderby is home to the Star Light Drive-in, one of the few still standing Drive-In movie theaters in North America. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation in Enderby, making it the perfect place to call home for nature lovers.

Tekamar Mortgage Fund's MIC will lend in the City of Enderby.% On the right file, we will do anything from debt consolidations and poor credit to purchases and refinances here along with all other products listed on the mortgage products page. We will lend up to 65.0% in the City of Enderby.