A picture of the Village of Harrison Hot Springs.

Harrison Hot Springs

Lending guidelines for Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia

Our Maximum Loan To Value
Not Lending Here
2021 Population
Land Area
5.49 Km²
2016 > 2021 Growth

Harrison Hot Springs is a beautiful municipality located in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia. The municipality has a population of 1905 and an area of 5.49 km². The municipality is well known for its hot springs, which are a major tourist attraction. The hot springs are described as wonderful moments of stillness and a sense of bliss that will bring mind, body and soul into better balance. A perfect spot for a weekend getaway, with the towns close proximity to Agassiz and the lower mainland. Harrison Hot Springs is a perfect corporate getaway , or wedding destination. Within the municipality there are many small shops, cafes, sandy beaches, The Agassiz Speedway , sportfishing and so much more. Harrison Hot Springs is a mecca for outdoor adventure. You can find trails for all ability levels and comfort. Many people enjoy the flat roads for biking through Agassiz's farm lands. "Breath in the wild" and explore the ancient forests, deep emerald lakes and raging rivers. Harrison Hot Springs has a lineup of mouth watering, local, ethnic restaurants and bakeries full of sweet pastries. The sights of he towering mountains, the clear lakes, the snowcapped mountain tops, the grassy green fields, Harrison is a must see destination.

Unfortunately, Harrison Hot Springs is outside of our lending areas, Tekamar Mortgage Fund will not lend here.