A picture of the District municipality of Highlands.


Lending guidelines for Highlands, British Columbia

Our Maximum Loan To Value
Not Lending Here
2021 Population
Land Area
38.01 Km²
2016 > 2021 Growth

Highlands is a municipality located in the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. With a population of 2482, it is a great place to call home. The area is 38.01 Km² and there are plenty of things to do. Some see it as potential expansion for the greater Victoria area, but Highlands has a lot to offer the community with many lakes, hills and wilderness. More than one third of the Highlands is protected as municipal, regional and provincial parkland. It's residences place high value on the natural environment and rural lifestyle. Any new development in the area is well thought out and strategically done so it is encroaching on the wildlife as little as possible. The OCP of Highlands states: "the major roles of the highlands are to preserve large areas of green space, to protect elements of the region's ecosystems, and to provide outdoor recreational opportunities for Capital Regional District residents and visitors." So, if the big bad developer wants to stake claim in Highlands, I think he'll have to fight hard. The town has a community garden that is ran and maintained by local volunteers. the town does benefit from tourism, so book a whale watching tour, grizzly bear expedition, commercial fishing adventure and much more.

The District municipality of Highlands is outside of our lending areas, Tekamar Mortgage Fund will not lend here.