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Hudson's Hope

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2021 Population
Land Area
826.7 Km²
2016 > 2021 Growth

Hudson's Hope is a municipality located in the Peace River Regional District in British Columbia. It has a population of 841 and an area of 82,6.7 km². Hudson's Hope is the third oldest town in British Columbia, first settled in 1805 although not officially incorporated till 1965. Historically the economy is Hudson's Hope prospected off the mining and logging industries. Today the town benefits from mining, logging, tourism and resources. The small town has one school that teaches kids from kindergarten to grade twelve and belong to the Peace River North School District. The museum in Hudson's Hope is located in the old Hudson's Bay fur trading post. Inside the museum you will find historical artifacts from the town along with dinosaur bones that were fund in the area. Hudson's Hope has lakes and rivers all around making it an outdoor enthusiast dream. Paddle down the Peace River, boat on Williston Lake or fish on Cameron Lake, or take a swim in Dinosaur Lake, any way out of town you'll find a body of water. Four campsites are located close to town plus forestry and private campgrounds too. In keeping with the spirit of community, Hudson's Hope host a Fall Fair in August, a winter carnival in January and local Farmers markets throughout the year. The town has a heated outdoor swimming pool that is open in the summer months. Downtown you'll find cute shops, bakeries and restaurants. if small town living in your dream, then check out Hudson's Hope!

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