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Lending guidelines for Kelowna, British Columbia

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2021 Population
Land Area
211.85 KmĀ²
2016 > 2021 Growth

Kelowna is a beautiful city located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. The city is home to a population of over 144,000 people, making it the third largest metropolitan area and is a popular tourist destination. The city is situated on the shores of Okanagan Lake and surrounded by stunning mountains. The warm climate and rolling hills makes for great wine growing. Kelowna and the surrounding areas are well known for the many prestigious wineries and vineyards; Canada's own Napa Valley. The word Kelowna comes from the native word, kilawana, referring to a male grizzly bear. Okanagan Lake is a large, warm lake that is a very popular tourist place in the summer. Big beautiful mansions on some of the prettiest beaches, along with campgrounds, family cabins, wake boats and more. Tourism is the main economic driver in the Kelowna, as it is the busiest and biggest city located in the popular Okanagan Valley. Right next to the harbor downtown you will find trendy restaurants, shops, breweries, hotels and anything else you would want for some fun in the sun! Head up the mountain to Big White or Silver Star for skiing or snowboarding in the winter and hiking or biking in the summer. Kelowna has it all! Kelowna is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Tekamar Mortgage Fund will lend in Kelowna. On the right file, we will do anything from debt consolidations and poor credit to purchases and refinances here along with all other products listed on the mortgage products page. We will lend up to 75.0% in the City of Kelowna.