A picture of the Village of McBride.


Lending guidelines for McBride, British Columbia

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2021 Population
Land Area
4.62 Km²
2016 > 2021 Growth

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, McBride is a charming village with a population of 588. The village is located in the Fraser-Fort George Regional District of British Columbia and covers an area of 4.62 km². With its stunning mountain views, McBride is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and is within easy driving distance of major cities such as Vancouver and Calgary. McBride was founded in 1913 as Mile 90 of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. In the early days of a growing economy, rail, forestry and shipping made up the main industries in the town. In 1970 access to area become more easily accessible via Highway 16, which enabled people to drive through town on the way to their destinations. With a (small) amount of growth, the town of McBride has expanded their industries now bringing in tourism, small business and agriculture revenue. The town has a hospital and health centre that provides many services to it's community. Along with the towns community centre, recreation centre, baseball diamond, skate park and playgrounds, they also have a big serious of maintained hiking and biking trails. In the summer residents also enjoy boating, fishing, canoeing and Kayaking on the Fraser River. In the winter many kids in town belong to the Minor Hockey Association and figure skating club. Curling is also very popular amongst all ages! Back Country skiing is becoming increasingly more popular because of the vast rugged, untouched terrain around McBride. If you're looking for somewhere to start skiing, check out the 20 Km of groomed x-country ski trails. This quiet little small town will impress you!

Tekamar Mortgage Fund will lend in McBride. We will look at all mortgage products, including refinances, debt consolidation, poor credit, bankruptcy and everything else found on our mortgage products page. The most we will lend to in McBride is 60.0%.