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Lending guidelines for Peachland, British Columbia

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2021 Population
Land Area
16.1 Km²
2016 > 2021 Growth

Peachland is a municipality located in the Central Okanagan of British Columbia. With a population of 5789, it is a great place to call home. The area of Peachland is 1,6.1 Km². Peachland is 30minute drive south from the big city of Kelowna, only 20 minute drive to Summerland and 130 kilometres north of the United States Boarder. In the narrow Okanagan Valley the climate is fairly mild and dry, making a great location for fruit growing. And yes you guess it, peach growing. Peachland is home to the tallest zip-line in Canada, the Peachland world of wheels car show and it was the first place in North America where ice wine was made. 11 Kilometres of water front provides lots of beaches, walking trails, swimming, kayaking and boating opportunities. Around Peachland you will find resort style accommodations, Bed and Breakfasts, air bnbs and of course hotels and campgrounds. At the visitors centre you will also find the town's art museum, which is run by volunteers. The art gallery acts as a hub for the community by hosting dinner events, art exhibits and even live music. Along the paved boardwalk you will find shops, cafes, restaurants and the only life-gaured beach in town. Imagine living the vacation lifestyle some people only dream of.

Tekamar Mortgage Fund will lend in Peachland. On the right file, we will do anything from debt consolidations and poor credit to purchases and refinances here along with all other products listed on the mortgage products page. The most we will lend to in Peachland is 70.0%.