A picture of the Village of Port Clements.

Port Clements

Lending guidelines for Port Clements, British Columbia

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2021 Population
Land Area
13.07 Km²
2016 > 2021 Growth

The municipality of Port Clements is located in the North Coast Regional District of British Columbia. The population is 340 and the area is 13.07 km². Originally named Queenstown and changed to Port Alice in 1907 by Herb Clements, a local member of parliament. In return for using his name the community was given a brand new government wharf, known as Rainbow Wharf. With many logging camps in the area, 29% of the labour force in Port Alice works in the forest industry. The ABFAM Sawmill, pole yards and independent sawmills are still producing wood products today. Port Clements is known as the gateway to Haida Gwaii and the wilderness of the west coast. Breathtaking sunsets, magical rainbows and an impressive skyline make lasting memories of time spent in Port Clements. One spot worth checking out is the Yaaguun Gandlaay Heritage Site and Conservancy, just 5 kilometres southeast of Port Clements. The 2,689 hectare conservancy was once used buy the Haida people for at least 10,000 years, for cultural, spiritual and social purposes. Historically the area was home to many Haida villages and seasonal camps. Another neat spot to explore is the Haida Canoe Trail. An area loaded with history, culture, fresh seafood, salty air and endless areas to explore, come see for yourself!

Unfortunately, Port Clements is not in our lending areas and Tekamar Mortgage Fund Ltd will not lend here