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Lending guidelines for Terrace, British Columbia

Our Maximum Loan To Value
2021 Population
Land Area
57.33 Km²
2016 > 2021 Growth

Terrace is a municipality in northwestern British Columbia, Canada. It is the regional district seat of the Kitimat-Stikine Regional District. The city has a population of 12,017 people and an area of 57.33 km². Terrace is located on the Skeena River, approximately 110 km inland from the Pacific Ocean. The city is accessed via Highway 16 and is the western terminus of the Canadian National Railway. Terrace's history dates back to the late 1800s when the first settlers arrived to the Skeena River via steam powered sternwheeler riverboats. Terrace officially became intercorporate as a municipality in 1927. Back then Terrace was known as the "Cedar Pole Capital of the World", forestry and farming was the backbone of the economy. Today Terrace remains mainly a service centre with only one sawmill still operating as well as tourism in the area becoming more popular. Terrace belongs to School District #82 with three public schools and one private school. 35 kilometres west of Terrace lies one of the deepest snow packed ski resorts, they also have some of the cheapest lift tickets. Win-Win! The Grand Trunk Pathway provides hiking and biking trails within Terrace. Check out the Ferry Island community campground and nature park along with the laid back Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse. Terrace has sports fields, an ice arena, aquatic centre, fitness classes and many community groups to be a apart of. Come see for yourself!

Tekamar Mortgage Fund will lend in Terrace. Depending on borrower strength and property marketability, all of our mortgage products (refinances, purchase, debt consolidation etc.) are available here. You can see them on our mortgage products page. Our maximum loan to value in the City of Terrace is 65.0%.