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Lending guidelines for Zeballos, British Columbia

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2021 Population
Land Area
1.55 KmĀ²
2016 > 2021 Growth

The municipality of Zeballos is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island in the province of British Columbia. It has a population of 126 people and an area of 1.55 square kilometers. The municipality is part of the Strathcona Regional District. Zeballos is a small community with a lot to offer. In the early 1900s, ore was discovered in the surrounding mountains of Zeballos. Those early years of gold prospectors brought in over 1500 initially to the town. There were three hotels, bakery, taxi companies even their own newspaper. By 1942 and the occurrence of World War ll, all the miners were gone and the services were forced to shutdown. By the 1950s logging was a robust industry shedding light on a quiet town. Today logging is still the main industry in Zeballos. Tourism has also been on the rise since travellers have started to look for more rugged wilderness areas to explore. There are many outdoor activities to enjoy such as hiking, fishing, and camping. A popular hiking trail is the Nootka Trail. 30 kilometres of costal hiking with breathtaking scenery and views. For most of the year the saltwater inlets are calm and provide great ocean fishing. If fly fishing excites you more, check out the Zeballos River. In town, benefit from a local library, fire department, community hall and elementary school. The municipality is also home to the Zeballos Hot Springs, which are a popular tourist attraction. Come see why this small costal town is being a popular place to call home.

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